Investment Management

Our Story

In 1998, John Garland, the founder of GCM, saw a need for an investment management firm focused on individualized asset allocation and stock selection without the overlay of outsourced mutual funds and layers of fees. In addition, he wanted a firm where clients have access to the investment decision makers so they could fully understand where and why their money was invested. GCM is the culmination of that vision.

The culture of GCM is singularly focused on serving our existing clients well and we believe this is the best way for our firm to succeed. Rather than spread ourselves across several investment styles, we overlay all of our portfolios with a single, unified investment philosophy in order to identify opportunities to drive long-term value for our clients. Our strategy is executed in individual, separately managed portfolios for each client.

The investment philosophy of GCM is founded on traditional principles of a long-term investment horizon, valuation, diversification, dividends and disciplined research. These principles pave the way for competitive long-term investment results while controlling unattractive risk factors within the portfolio. These risk factors are controlled through individual stock selection rather than broadly purchasing market index funds.